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Isaias Afwerki (în tigrină ኢሳያስ ኣፍወርቂ; n. 2 februarie 1946, Asmara, Imperiul Etiopian) este un politician eritreean, primul și actualul președinte al Eritreii, funcție pe care a ocupat-o după Războiul de Independență Eritrean din 1993. El a condus Frontul de Eliberare al Poporului Eritreean (FEPE) către victorie în mai 1991, punând capăt războiului de. Isaias Afwerki, Afwerki also spelled Afewerki, (born February 2, 1946, Asmara, Eritrea), Eritrean independence leader and president of Eritrea from 1993.. When Isaias was born in 1946 in Asmara, the city was under the United Nations-mandated control of the United Kingdom. Eritrea itself was federated to Ethiopia in 1952 and was forcibly annexed 10 years later Isaias Afwerki is the president of Eritrea and another longest serving African president who has held the presidential office since 1993 when the country gained its independence. Isaias Afwerki's leadership of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) resulted in the victory of the Eritrean war of independence in May 1991, putting an.

President Isaias Afwerki. President Isaias Afwerki and his cabinet of 16 ministers, regional governors and other officials form the 24-member State Council, the executive branch of the Eritrean government, chaired by the president. An unicameral 150-member National Assembly which comprises 75 Central Committee members of the ruling PFDJ. S HY AND awkward, the teenage Issaias Afwerki did not stand out. As a student in Asmara, Eritrea's capital, the future president was known less for his bookish brilliance than for sudden flashes. Isaias Afwerki ou Issayas Afewerki (tigrigna : ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ [i s a j a s a f w ɐ r k ʼ i]), né le 2 février 1946 à Asmara (Érythrée italienne sous administration britannique), est un homme d'État érythréen, président de l'État depuis son indépendance en 1993.. Après avoir participé dans les rangs du FPLE à la lutte pour l'indépendance de l'Érythrée vis-à. Isaias Afwerki Africa International Opinion . The TPLF Attack on Ethiopia Contains the Accumulated Evil of the War. July 28, 2021 Ann Garrison #ShutDownAFRICOM, Abiy Ahmed, AFRICOM, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Isaias Afwerki, Tigray, Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), UN Security Council, US interests in Africa Isaias Afewerki (ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ; Asmara, 2 febbraio 1946) è un politico e dittatore eritreo, primo (e da allora unico) presidente dell'Eritrea dal 1993.. Ha condotto il Fronte di Liberazione del Popolo Eritreo (FPLE) alla vittoria nel maggio 1991, ponendo così fine a trent'anni di lotta armata di liberazione.Due anni dopo è diventato presidente a seguito di un referendum.

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ERi-TV, Eritrea: President Isaias Afwerki's Speech At The Luncheon Event Held in His Hono Isaias Afewerki (født 2. februar 1946 i Asmara, Eritrea) er Eritreas president. Han var frigjøringsleder i Eritrea under borgerkrigen med Etiopia.Da krigen sluttet i 1991 ledet han en overgangsregjering. I april 1993 ble det holdt valg om frigjøring under overvåkning av FN og måneden etter ble Eritrea erklært selvstendig Isaias Afwerki (sinh 2 tháng 2 năm 1946) (tiếng Tigrinya: ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ) là Tổng thống Eritrea đầu tiên và đương nhiệm, ông có được chức vụ này sau khi lãnh đạo Mặt trận Giải phóng Nhân dân Eritrea đi đến thắng lợi vào tháng 5 năm 1991, kết thúc 30 năm Chiến tranh Độc lập Eritrea từ Ethiopi

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Isaias Afewerki (Tigrínia: ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ [isajas afwɐrkʼi]) (Asmara, 2 de fevereiro de 1946) é o primeiro e atual presidente, e ditador, da Eritreia, cargo que ocupou desde a independência do país em 1991.Dirigiu a Frente de Libertação do Povo Eritreu (EPLF) à vitória em maio de 1991, encerrando assim 30 anos de guerra por independência Isaias Afwerki. Uncredited. Despite all that's been written and spoken about extreme repression and economic blight in Eritrea, surprisingly little has been publicized about its inscrutable leader, Isaias Afwerki, who has led the country with an iron fist since independence in 1991

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Isaias Afwerki is a Aquarius and was born in The Year of the Dog Life. Isaias Afwerki was born in Asmara on Saturday, February 2, 1946 (Baby Boomers Generation). He is 75 years old and is a Aquarius. He became President of the National Assembly in 1993. He graduated from Prince Makonnen High School in 1965 Isaias Afwerki (Tigrinya: Isaias Afwerki (Tigrinya: ኢሳይያስ ኣፍወርቂ; born February 2, 1946) is an Eritrean politician. He became the first (and only) President of Eritrea in 1993. Reference Isaias is a cagey, security-savvy fighter who eluded the Ethiopians for 30 years and has survived a number of assassination attempts since 1993. Isaias Afwerki was born on February 2, 1946 in the.

Isaias Afwerki is the first President of Eritrea, a position he has held since its independence in 1993 [R] Today marks the 27th anniversary of Eritrea's independence, hard-won after a 30. El 9 de julio de 2018, el presidente de Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, y el primer ministro etíope, Abiy Ahmed, declararon el fin del estado de guerra entre sus dos países y la normalización de sus relaciones.El acercamiento diplomático entonces ocurre a gran velocidad. El 16 de julio, el presidente de Eritrea, Afwerki, viaja a la capital etíope de Addis Abeba para una visita diplomática y. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki in the Eritrean city of Massawa (cropped).JPG 378 × 529; 25 KB. Isaias Afewerki signature.png 150 × 97; 4 KB. Isaias Afwerki in 2002.jpg 1,225 × 1,920; 435 KB. Isaias Afwerki's Signature.svg 133 × 95; 7 KB. VOA interviews Afewerki.JPG 480 × 360; 21 KB

Isaias Afwerki 2 Şubat 1946'da Eritre, Asmara'nın Aba Shi'Aul bölgesinde doğdu. Isaias Prens Makonnen Lisesi'nde (PMSS) eğitim gördü. 1960'ların başında milliyetçi Eritre öğrenci hareketine katıldı. 1965 yılında Etiyopya, Addis Ababa'daki Haile Selassie I Üniversitesi (şimdi Addis Ababa Üniversitesi olarak anılır. Isaias Afwerki. 2 March 2004. Eritrea. Who is Isaias Afwerki? No-one really knows. Even those who fought alongside him for three decades are baffled by his unpredictable behaviour. The facts are easy to state. Afwerki was born in 1945 into a large family in what is now known as Eritrea. After a couple of years of university education he dropped.

Worldbeater: Isaias Afwerki. 26 July 2018. Eritrea. Democracy. We put the track record of Isaias Afwerki, President of Eritrea - and a liberation fighter turned ruthless dictator - under the spotlight. Isaias Afwerki. Photo: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah / R. Hard to believe one can fight against authoritarian occupation (by Ethiopia) for. Isaias Afwerki is a threat to the Horn of Africa - and an obstacle to peace. Responsibility for the tragic war in Tigray is being laid at the door of Ethiopia's Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. But the real culprit is further north. Eritrea's President Isaias has plotted and schemed ever since his forces captured Asmara in 1991

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  1. But Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who has been governing Eritrea with an iron fist since its independence in 1993, is no stranger to international condemnation and isolation. So why is the.
  2. Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki 'both charismatic and brutal'. Saturday's visit of Eritrea's President Isaias Afwerki to Addis Ababa, the capital of its neighbour Ethiopia, is a remarkable.
  3. Isaias Afwerki believes a united and strong Ethiopia is a threat to Eritrea. In his view, a strong Ethiopia will ultimately destabilize Eritrea to claim a sea outlet. Further, he believes, in a weak Ethiopia, Eritrea can have a huge market to trade and manipulate. As you all know, the 2018-2000 Ethio-Eritrea war started not because of a small.
  4. Isaias Afewerki (tigrinjaksi ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቅ, s. 2. helmikuuta 1946 Asmara) on Eritrean ensimmäinen presidentti. Hänestä tuli presidentti maan itsenäistyessä 1993, mutta hän oli ollut de facto-johtaja jo ennen valintaa.. Seuraavia vuodeksi 1997 suunniteltuja presidentinvaaleja ei koskaan käyty. Afewerkiä onkin pidetty yksipuoluejärjestelmäisessä maassa.
  5. Isaias Afwerki has been at the helm of Eritrean politics since the 1970s. Despite growing opposition among Eritrea's large and influential diaspora, there are few signs of an effective challenge.
  6. Yemane Ghebremeskel. Ghebremeskel —nicknamed Charlie — manages Afeworki's communication and has been Minister of Information and Government Spokesman since 2015. He was appointed Chief of Staff in 1993 when Eritrea gained independence. He has a degree in mathematics from Imperial College, London. This article first appeared in Jeune.

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President Isaias Afwerki's erratic and mercurial temperament - he has been the head of a one-party dictatorship since independence in 1993 - has culminated in a profoundly dysfunctional nation. A hit and run style has replaced any thoughtful long-term planning President Isaias Afwerki's Biography. I saias Afwerki was born on February 2, 1946 in Asmara, Eritrea [ 1] . He was sent to the elite prince Makonnen secondary high school in Asmara, where he graduated in 1965. [ 2] He went on to attend Haile Selassie University in Addis Ababa to study engineering from 1965-66. [ 2 Born in 1946 in Asmara, Isaias Afewerki joined the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) in 1966. He received military training in China the same year, then went on to be deputy divisional commander. In. The woman on the left is instantly recognizable to millions of people: the actor, comedian, and author Tiffany Haddish. The man on the right is less familiar, but behind the warm smile and the friendly arm across Haddish's shoulder is one of the world's longest-ruling dictators, Eritrea's Isaias Afwerki

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Asmara, 06 May 2021- President Isaias Afwerki returned home in the morning hours of today, 6 May, concluding a two-day fruitful working visit to the Sudan at an invitation of Gen. Abdel Fatah al Burhan, President of the Sudan's Sovereign Council.Dur Abiy has, it appears, invited the Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki to wreak mayhem on Tigray. The terms of this deal aren't public—but its implications are becoming ever more alarming

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  1. Isaias Afwerki was the architect of the highly secretive and centralized rebel group called the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF). This rebel group was able to defeat a Western and Soviet-backed army, which, with the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) assistance, eventually led to Eritrea's independence
  2. Isaias Afwerki has been president of Eritrea since 1993. How has he stayed in power so long, although he is highly unpopular across Eritrea, even in his home region? Instead of rallying public support, Isaias employs coercion, imprisonment, torture
  3. isaias afwerki Eritrea Ethiopia - Eritrea peace deal reviewed as Abiy visits Afwerki The second year anniversary comes at a time Abiy is dealing with a deadly internal crisis..
  4. Isaias Afwerki was the architect of the highly secretive and centralized rebel group called the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF). This rebel group was able to defeat a Western and Soviet.
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  6. g that Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki has died and a new leader has taken over leadership of the country is FALSE.. A video embedded in the post refers to reports from the Eritrean government, confir

I n an exclusive, two-hour, interview that was broadcast live on Eri-TV and Radio Dimtis Hafash at 8;00 pm this evening, President Isaias Afwerki elaborated at length the genesis and current situation of the conflict in Tigray Region in Ethiopia; the simmering border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia, the controversy between key riparian States on the use of the waters of Nile River; and. Isaias Afwerki (Tigrinya: ኢሳያስ ኣፍወርቂ [isajas afwɐrkʼi]), [1] born 2 February 1946, is the first and current president of Eritrea, a position he has held since after the Eritrean War of Independence in 1993.He led the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) to victory in May 1991, ending the 30-year-old war for independence Isaias Afwerki. News. IMDb.com, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely. Browse 238 isaias afwerki stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Eritrea's President Isaias Afwerki steps down from the aircraft at the airport in Gondar, for a visit in Ethiopia, on November 9, 2018. Students of University of Gondar react during the visit of Eritrea's President Isaias. Isaias Afwerki. Posted at 20:57 26 Mar 20:57 26 Mar. Tibor Nagy on Ethiopia, Eritrea & Tigray. Video content. Video caption: Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs on the.

Isaias Afwerki, the 25-year leader of Eritrea, has recently been accused of crimes against humanity in a new report compiled by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. The report included testimonies of arrests for voicing dissent, torture, rape, enslavement, murder, and retaliation against the families of. Isaias Afwerki and Addis Ababa University · See more » Aden. Aden (عدن Yemeni) is a port city in Yemen, located by the eastern approach to the Red Sea (the Gulf of Aden), some east of Bab-el-Mandeb. New!!: Isaias Afwerki and Aden · See more » Amnesty Internationa Isaias Afwerki was born on 2 February 1946 in the Aba Shi'Aul district of Asmara, Eritrea.. Isaias was educated at the Prince Makonnen High School (PMSS). In the early 1960s, he joined the nationalist Eritrean student movement. In 1965, he began his studies at the College of Engineering at Haile Selassie I University (now called Addis Ababa University) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Isaias Afwerki ( Tigrinya: ኢሳይያስ ኣፍወርቂ [isajas afwɐrkʼi]; född 2 februari 1946) blev den första presidenten i Eritrea efter det eritreanska självständighetskriget 1993 och har varit kvar sedan dess. Han ledde Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) till seger i maj 1991 och avslutade det 30 år gamla kriget för självständighet från Etiopien Isaias may believe that he will die in Eritrea and that his son will continue his rule. The next steps in the Tigray conflict will likely prove him wrong on both counts . The rest of his essay is of course an argument that Eritrea deserves this, without mention that Afwerki refuses to collaborate with AFRICOM, the US Africa Command, or. Isaias Afwerki Suffering From Liver Ailment. Reliable sources from Eritrea tell awate.com's Gedab News that Eritrean strongman Isaias Afwerki is seriously sick and was in Qatar for medical treatment. The ailment is reported to be liver disease which has manifested itself on his eyes, his face and his stomach. Isaias Afwerki has lost weight.

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To Isaias Afwerki. Eritrea, March 13, 2018. Dear Isaias, You may not recognize me yet, but you are the cause of the scars I harbor and the anger with which I harbor it!!! I was taught to respect my elders from a young age. So, I will address you by your name out of the deference I have for our tradition, culture, and heritage that was bestowed. President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea. Share this article. By Sebastiane Ebatamehi. November 28th, 2019. Add to my list. Government of Eritrean has accused Qatar of plotting schemes to destabilize the country. The northeast African country claims the Arab nation is using neighbors, Sudan, to achieve its destabilization agenda Isaias Afwerki, he believes, understands the problems of a unilateral declaration of independence. He is also keenly aware, he believes, of the potential divisions within the Eritrean population which are likely to surface as soon as the fight against the Derg is won These views of Isaias have surfaced over the years

Isaias Afwerki (Af-Tigrinya: ኢሳያስ ኣፍወርቂ; wuxuu dhashay 2 Febraayo 1946) waa siyaasi reer Ereteriya ah oo isagu ahaa madaxweynihii ugu horreeyay uguna hadda haya ee Ereteriya, waana jago uu qabtay tan iyo Dagaalkii Xoreynta Eritrea ee 1993.Wuxuu ku hogaamiyay Jabhadda Xoreynta Xoreynta ee Eritrea (EPL) guushii May 1991, oo soo afjaray 30- dagaalkii sano ee xornimada Highlights of Interview with President Isaias Afwerki In an exclusive, two-hour, interview that was broadcast live on Eri-TV and Radio Dimtis Hafash at 8:00 pm this evening, President Isaias Afwerki elaborated at length the genesis and current situation of the conflict.. Eritrea's President Isaias Afwerki. Source James Akena/Corbis. True, Eritrea owes Afwerki a lot — its existence. For more than 20 years, the stern man headed the armed struggle against. Isaias Afwerki (ኢሳይያስ ኣፍወርቂ. * 2.února 1946 Asmara) je prezident Eritrey.. Pochází z chudé rodiny tigrajské národnosti, měl osm sourozenců. Jeho bratrancem byl etioý prezident Meles Zenawi.Studoval inženýrský obor na Univerzitě Addis Abeba, odkud v roce 1966 odešel a přidal se k bojovníkům za nezávislost Eritrey, která byla od roku 1952 součástí.

Isaias Afwerki ɗan siyasan Iritiriya ne. An haife shi a shekara ta 1946 a Asmara. Isaias Afwerki shugaban kasar Iritiriya ne daga 'yancin kan ƙasar a shekara ta 1993. Anyi gyaran ƙarshe na wannan shafi a ranar 5 ga Afirilu, 2020, da ƙarfe 07:45. An samar da muƙaloli a ƙarƙashin lasisin Creative Commons. Eritrea's president arrived in Khartoum on Tuesday for talks with Sudanese officials amid tensions over a longtime border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia. President Isaias Afwerki landed at. Isaias Afwerki and his PFDJ generals might have stolen and hid 699 million dollars from Eritrea. Tigrai Online, February 17, 2015. Last week 100 thousand HSBC secret bank accounts were made public by the Swiss Leaks Project. HSBC is a Swiss bank where people from around the world can deposit their money without disclosing detail information.

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  2. Game Over for Ethiopia Ethnic Federalism: Isaias. On February 7, Eritrean state television broadcast a Tigrinya interview of with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki where he criticized at length the polarization of Ethiopians along ethnic lines and the consequences it entails over Eritrea and the Horn of Africa region
  3. Asmara, 07 May 2021- President Isaias Afwerki yesterday in the afternoon hours received and held talks at Denden Guest House, with the US Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa, Ambassador Jeffrey.
  4. Isaias Afwerki. Posted at 10:27 24 Jul 10:27 24 Jul. Ethiopian academic on why he joined the Tigray Defence Forces. Video content. Video caption: Mulugeta Gebrehiwot Berhe on why he joined the.
  5. View the profiles of people named Isaias Afwerki. Join Facebook to connect with Isaias Afwerki and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power..
  6. Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki Interview (February 17, 2021) In an exclusive, two-hour, interview that was broadcast live on Eri-TV and Radio Dimtis Hafash at 8;00 pm this evening, President Isaias Afwerki elaborated at length the genesis and current situation of the conflict in Tigray Region in Ethiopia; the simmering border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia, the controversy between key.

President Isaias Afwerki, in an interview with government media, said that Eritrea is providing help to Ethiopia in accordance to its obligation.. What are Eritrea's obligations to Ethiopia? For the first time the president has come out to admit that Eritrea is involved in the Tigray war in Ethiopia. The conflict in Tigray region. Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki in China in the 1960s. He is fifth from the left, rear row. The president is a brooding, taciturn figure, who has dominated Eritrean politics since the 1970s. Isaias was born in the Aba Shi'aul district of the Eritrean capital, Asmara, in February 1942. The son of an employee of the state tobacco company, he. Your Excellency, President Isaias Afwerki: We write to convey our most sincere congratulations upon your country's normalisation of diplomatic relations with Ethiopia. This is a development much. President Isaias Afwerki landed at Khartoum's international airport and was received by Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, head of Sudan's ruling sovereign council. The two leaders then began closed-door talks on cooperation and ways to develop ties between the two countries, according to a statement from the Sudanese sovereign council

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In 1993, Isaias Afwerki (in Washington, DC public meeting) was asked about women's rights and his answer took the usual scenic route ( kolel) and it ended with this: men are not as steadfast as women and we know this based on our statistics of desertion rates during the armed struggle. The women ululated and the men applauded Isaias Afwerki is a threat to the Horn of Africa - and an obstacle to peace. By Martin Plaut, March 13, 2021. Responsibility for the tragic war in Tigray is being laid at the door of Ethiopia's Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. But the real culprit is further north. Eritrea's President Isaias has plotted and schemed ever since his forces.

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  1. Isaias Afwerki in 2002 Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki in joint press briefing in Asmara, December, 10, 2002. Foto: Helene C. Stikkel / Public Domain President of Eritrea - Isaias Afwerki was born in Asmara (capital city of Eritrea) on February 2nd, 1946 and is 75 years old today
  2. Isaias Afwerki, who has led the authoritarian regime in Eritrea since it gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993, wrote a letter to unnamed heads of state earlier in June, requesting support in.
  3. Find the perfect Isaias Afwerki stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Select from premium Isaias Afwerki of the highest quality
  4. Isaias Afwerki, the Eritrean president, is described as 'cruel and defiant' in the WikiLeaks cables. Photograph: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP. Simon Tisdall. Wed 8 Dec 2010 16.30 EST

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  1. Isaias Afwerki blames TPLF for refusing to return the occupied territory February 9, 2020 | by Ethiopia Observer | 3 Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki posited that the reason why the demarcation of the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea has been stalled is the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF)'s refusal to return the occupied.
  2. Isaias Afwerki 2 bulad 2 demiad, Isaias Afwerki, u misingkiway. 1946 a mihca nalecuhan) u tabakiay a tapang nu kanatal (congtung) nu Eritrea ayza sa ci Isaias Afwerki, micakat a demiad sa i 1993 a mihca 5 bulad 24 demiad.. malalitin tu ihekalay atu zumaay a natinengan. List of current heads of state and governmen
  3. President Isaias's announcement of delegation to Ethiopia - more details June 20, 2018 Martin Plaut News President Isaias Afwerki has announced that an Eritrean delegation will be sent to Ethiopia
  4. Background Afwerki, Isaias was born on February 2, 1946 in Asmara. Education Student, University Addis Ababa, 1965-1966. Career Combattant, Eritrean Liberation Front, 1966-1970; deputy division commander, Eritrean Liberation Front, 1967-1970; founding member, Eritrean People's Liberation Front, 1970; deputy secretary general, Eritrean People's Liberation Front, 1977-1987; secretary general.
  5. The council said it would continue to strengthen the diplomatic victory achieved through the dam negotiations through public participatio
  6. Isaias Afwerki is a President of Eritrea.He was born on February 02, 1946 (75 years old) in Asmara, Eritrea. About. Isaias Afwerki is the first President of the State of Eritrea a position he has held since its independence in 1993
Eritrean President with Wife Saba and Sudans PresidentPresident of Eritrea : Isaias Afewerki - YouTubeEritrea exiles want Afwerki reforms after Ethiopia dealVideo: Semhar Yohannes - Hade Hade | ሓደ ሓደ - New EritreanbKemey eye kfqro "ብኸመይ እየ ከፍቅሮ?" - Hadas Eritrea

Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki are massacring the peoples of Ethiopia on daily basis the last 2 years in Oromia, and Tigray specially the last 6-7 months. We always appreciate the international community's active follow up to stop the horrendous human Rights abuse being committed in that part of the World President Isaias Starts 3-day Official Visit to Ethiopia. October 12, 2020. October 13, 2020. Ethiopian Monitor #Eritrea, #Ethiopia, #Jimma City, #PM Abiy, #President Isaias Afwerki. ADDIS ABABA - Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki is in Ethiopia for a three-day official visit starting from Monday. Read more Isaias Afwerki ( Tigrinya: ኢሳይያስ ኣፍወርቂ [isajas afwɐrkʼi]; né le 2 février 1946) est devenu le premier président de l'Érythrée après la guerre d'indépendance de l' Érythrée en 1993 et est resté en fonction depuis. Il a mené le Front de libération du peuple érythréen (EPLF) à la victoire en mai 1991, mettant ainsi fin à 30 ans de guerre pour l'indépendance.