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In this movie we show you how to create a bonsai from cheap nursery stock material. The tree we work on is a 5-year-... Learn how to make a bonsai tree at home In this video we show you how to create a bonsai from cheap nursery stock material. The tree we work on is a 5-year-old Spruce (Picea abies), purchased at a local garden center for about 20 USD. Bonsai Empire is dedicated to share the living art of Bonsai - we created this video as a DIY tutorial for beginners You can buy this or make your own. If you choose a homemade version, you can use a mixture of potting soil with peat moss, pine bark, sand, and perlite. Mixing any of these with potting soil should give your Bonsai the proper drainage that it requires to stay healthy and dry. Report Step by step instructions 1) Selecting the tree that you want to make into a bonsai. Now you can't simply plant a tree and make it into a bonsai. 2) Caring for your bonsai. Now that you have your bonsai specimen in a small pot, you must be diligent in your bonsai... 3) Training your bonsai tree. In. Creating your first bonsai is not as hard as you may think. In this section we will take you through four stages. Selecting suitable stock to work with. Selecting a suitable style for your tree and creating it. Potting soils and wiring your tree. Care and maintenance of your new bonsai

The basics Growing and cultivating trees. How do you grow your own Bonsai tree? The first step is to figure out which tree species... Shaping and styling techniques. Now that you've bought or cultivated a tree, let's get started with shaping and styling... Care and maintenance. Maintenance and care. Potting Grown Trees 1. Prepare the tree. If you've just bought a Bonsai from the store and it came in an unappealing plastic container or... 2. Remove the tree and clean the roots. Carefully remove the plant from its current pot, making sure not to break or... 3. Prune the roots. If their growth is.

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The orange tree makes a great Bonsai. They will look great in your home or garden. Bonsai masters are able Read Mor Cut around the base of the branch where the roots will sprout. Make a circular cut through the bark and into the hardwood underneath. 2 Make a duplicate cut about two branch widths below the first cut How to make your Bonsai plant If you have taken the tree on the basis of your imagination, now it is time to put it in the container. The tree from the nursery is in the plastic bag. Remove the tree from the plastic bag and prune the tree in sheer size

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How To Make A Wire Bonsai Tree Grab your copper wire and end nippers. Our wire is 20 gauge however, the thicker the wire the better. Unwind some of the wire and using the ruler on your cutting mat measure 16 - 18 It's the charm of bonsai crossed with a love of miniature gardens. In the new book, Miniature Bonsai: The Complete Guide to Super-Mini Bonsai, author Terutoshi Iwai shows us how to raise plants from seed or cuttings to create charming, thimble-sized potted bonsai. For more artful indoor gardening, also see Make a Moss Bonsai Place a layer of coarse soil in the base of the pot and then a layer of finer soil over the top. Position your bonsai's roots into the center of the pot and maneuver the potting soil to hold the tree in place. Adding some moss or gravel to the top of the bonsai soil can add an aesthetic touch and may help hold your tree in place

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Immerse the pot in water for 20 minutes to help with transplant shock. After that, however, be careful to not overwater. Bougainvillea are desert-loving plants that will develop root rot if they. Additionally, the cutting procedure is faster than seed growth in creating a bonsai tree. Furthermore, growers may have a tree species that will make trees with healthy roots quicker than some species can sprout initial growth. Cutting involves taking branches from a healthy tree and placing it into soil to create a new tree The first step in making succulent bonsai is choosing the right plant. Ideally, you want a plant that is healthy, well-established, and features smaller spaces between leaves and branches. Thicker foliage will allow you trim your plant more easily without taking the risk that your plant will look thin and sparse when you're done Part of what makes bonsai trees so captivating is the striking shapes in which they're grown. But eye-catching traditional styles—like Shakkan (slanting) and Kengai (cascading)—didn't just occur naturally. They are the result of years of painstaking care and guidance

How to Make a Wire Bonsai Tree : I got an idea to make a wire Bonsai tree from Bobby Duke Arts. I made a more simple version that looks just as good. It is a simple, fun project and is a bonsai that never dies A good method would be to make a hole at the top of each side of the pot, and guide the 4 lowest branches of the cuttings in each direction. This way we promote the penetration of light and aeration even in the lower parts of the plant. image of a mother plant beginning to be trained to become bonsai* In the wild, leaves of deciduous bonsai get smaller over time. There are ways to encourage this to happen with our bonsai trees. Below we go over why this is so, and how to shrink your leaves! Genetics play a big role in the size of your tree leaves, but through restricting growth, you can encourage the leaves to shrink We use a media(Soil) mixture made of equal parts of red earth, yard manure and river sand.(1:1:1 in ratio). Make sure you divide the parts by volume not weight. For e.g If we take one pot of red earth soil, we take one pot of river sand and yard manure for the mix In the bonsai making process, our goal is to try to create a look of an ancient olive tree in nature. Like an olive tree on top of the mountain that has been windswept, beaten up by long years of growth. So by bending the branches with wires helps you to mimic and create the look of the ancient tree

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  1. Make softwood cuttings from a wisteria plant in the summer to create the new bonsai. Softwood cuttings root best when the temperature is regularly above 70 degrees. 2 Plant the shoot in a large..
  2. The soil conditions appropriate for the particular bonsai tree. Kind of pot used in planting the bonsai; you can select plastic, wooden, ceramic and clay pots. Whether the bonsai is kept indoors or outdoors, in the patio. Amount of water provided to the plant in each watering session
  3. e the root-ball while you have it out of the soil. Use pruning shears to snip the tips of any lateral roots that twine around the root-ball
  4. Artificial bonsai trees are great for those who love the appearance of a bonsai, but do not want to deal with the crafting and maintenance of natural bonsai. Since artificial bonsai trees can sometimes be as expensive as natural bonsai trees to purchase, it makes the idea of making your own bonsai even more appealing
  5. d that you can keep it outdoors as long as it is placed in full sun and is kept at temperatures above 50 degrees or so at all times

This article has you in mind and will provide you with a detailed guide on how to make a Bonsai Tree from a branch. Steps in Making a Bonsai Tree From A Branch Obtain the cuttings. Usually, the cuttings should have an average size of approximately, 5-10 cm tall and a thickness of 2-5mm. It is very important that you must make the cutting with a. Cascade bonsai grows in tall pots. A shallow vessel is not the best option for your cascade bonsai. Make sure there is a drainage hole in the bottom. Cover the hole with a plastic net. Soil. Open granular soil is a good compost for bonsai. A recommended soil recipe would be Levington peat-based compost, Orchid bark, some Japanese pumice, and. Step 3: Making the Leaves. Open the wires if it bends from top of branches. Grab one wire with nose pliers at the top (Leaving the half cm) then twist your wrist to right, again hold this wire a little below and twist your wrist to left. Do it till the end of wire. Now the wire have some zic zac shape Decide on the final shape and size of your bonsai before starting. Make a rough sketch of what you wish to create and use it as a guide. Choosing a Style Basic Styles Bonsai can be classified into five basic styles: formal upright, informal upright, slanting, cascade, and semi-cascade. These classifications are based on the overall shape of the. A bonsai is a work of art, and it requires patience! A bonsai is often on the verge of survival. This happens in nature when a seed sprouted in a crevice without much soil or water. The challenge is to orient growth to make the tree resemble a large one but still stay small. This requires periods of pruning and periods of growth

A majority of the time, a bonsai pot is not needed until it is ready to be displayed as a bonsai. So it is technically not a bonsai until it is in a bonsai pot. Many people choose to plant trees into a big plastic or ceramic pot to grow the tree to achieve denser growth, to get thicker trunks, to develop roots, or just to build up the overall. You don't have to start with a dwarf or miniature tree to make a bonsai. Bonsai can be created from young trees of many varieties by confining the roots of the tree. Good candidates for bonsai include trees such as Japanese maple, as well as juniper, lemon or shrubs like azaleas. To transform a tree into a bonsai, you must start with a sapling Bonsai Books· Bonsai Tools· Bonsai For Sale· Carving Tools· Bonsai Pots· Bonsai T-Shirts Page 1 of 2: Whilst individual bonsai specimens can take a number of years of training to create a strong visual image, well designed group plantings can be far more instantly satisfying The beautiful, umbrella-like canopy of the weeping fig makes it a popular choice for bonsai. Its twisted surface roots are another alluring feature that lends well to bonsai styling. Besides its appearance, Ficus benjamina is a hardy, resilient tree making it perfect for bonsai training. It adapts well to growing indoors and is often grown as a.

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Create a new brain using the brain name as the display name: Bash. $ bonsai brain create --name='HiveMind' HiveMind created. Create a new brain with an explicit display name and clarifying description: Bash. $ bonsai brain create \ --name 'HiveMind' \ --display-name 'The Hive Mind' \ --description 'Main controller for apiary environment HVAC.' Make it!! A turntable is a must have not only for any Bonsai hobbist/artist but every gardener should have one. If you don't have one you have no idea how easy your life will become Plainly put, bonsai (pronounced bon-sigh) is the horticultural artform of training plants to look like large, aged trees that appear in nature, but in miniature. Bonsai can be developed from seeds or cuttings, from young trees or.

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Make sure you ensure that your specific species of bonsai could actually survive living outside in the soil all year round, before you make the decision to remove it from the bonsai pot. If the bonsai tree species can usually survive in nature, in your climate, you will be fine to grow it outdoors So, if you feel like the office is a stuffy place, getting the best bonsai plant can assist in making the air safer to breathe. Indoor Bonsai Tree Care 1. Tree Placement. Bonsai species are as diverse as any other plants to have different requirements for sunlight, water, and pruning Place bonsai soil into the container and chopstick to eliminate air pockets in the customary fashion. Afterwards soak the planting in water and protect from sun and drying winds for about two weeks. Then return the planting to full sun. Begin feeding after 3 to 4 weeks. Feed heavily for the next two years To create a beautiful and healthy bonsai, it requires a lot of time and patience from gardeners, so consider this before growing your own bonsai. Caring for a bonsai give the gardener a chance to take a contemplative yet creative role in the growth of an emblem of natural beauty. Generally, any tree can be grown as a bonsai

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Step 1. Determine the size of the bonsai that you want to grow. There are many different types of bonsai projects. While bonsai is the miniaturization, it is also much more. You can develop any number of different sizes of bonsai. The pot that you make for a particular bonsai should be appropriate to the amount of space that should be provided. Let us first understand the basics of bonsai that can actually serve the purpose of grabbing knowledge about how to make a bonsai fig tree and fig tree care. Bonsai is a Japanese art of growing huge plants in shallow small sized pots or tray in miniature form, much smaller than plant's natural size and form Bonsai Trees, Ficus Bonsai, Indoor Bonsai Trees Ficus Benjamina, or Weeping Fig, are extremely popular for bonsai due to the beautiful umbrella-like canopy that can be produced with the thin branches that typically cascade downward from the weight of the leaves

In addition, schefflera bonsai trees need less light, live longer, and are more vigorous than traditional bonsai choices. How to Make a Schefflera Bonsai. Wiring is one of the techniques used to shape the limbs of a bonsai tree. If you are wondering how to make a schefflera bonsai, be especially careful with wiring The Upright, Oblique and Cascading styles all make attractive mame bonsai, and a group planting can be most effective. 1 / 2. An Easy Way to Raise Mame Bonsai Quickly. The easiest way to raise mame bonsai quickly from seed is to sow the seed directly in the final container Bonsai Tricks And a Lot More Official posted a video to playlist Bonsai making by Ayan. 16 hrs · How to make a Bougainvillea Bonsai Easily | DIY Gardening : #Ayansbonsaitrick

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  1. 1. Make softwood cuttings from a wisteria plant in the summer to create the new bonsai. Softwood cuttings root best when the temperature is regularly above 70 degrees
  2. Requirements to Make a Guava Bonsai Location. The guava is a tropical plant and therefore, it should be placed outdoors on a location that is sunny. If you live in a temperate region keep your guava bonsai indoors in winter. Must Read: How to Grow Lemon Tree in a Pot. Soil
  3. Otherwise, it could mean the death of the bonsai trees. Step by step on how to create bonsai trees. With the recipe provided below, you'll generate a very prosperous micro garden of bonsai trees. It'll be the envy of the neighborhood and all your friends. Remember that, to suppress growth, you'll have to use techniques
  4. If you are a starter in indoor gardening, you should have some knowledge about Bonsai trees. Bonsai is usually a general term used to refer to trees that can be planted and shaped into desired looks. They are never specific, and they bring a natural look into the house. This will make the house look

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  1. Crape Myrtle makes an excellent bonsai because of the flowers in spring and contrast in fall. During the spring, this shrub displays small red, pink, or white flowers. The petals are known to be crinkled and look like crepes, hence the name. It is mostly known for the silver bark it displays with red accents when peeling
  2. eral fertilizer—or a combination of the two. (Organic fertilizer tends to smell, so think twice before using it indoors.
  3. g your succulents in the process. If you have any questions about making succulent bonsai, please let us know in the comment box below
  4. Japanese Maple Bonsai Care . Japanese maple bonsai are relatively easy to care for and make great bonsai for beginners and professionals alike. They are characterized by a moderate growth rate and can be easily trained through regular pruning and wiring
  5. Here is part 2 of our HOW TO MAKE A BONSAI TREE PINOY STYLE series. Although the content of this post is also available via Bonsai Institute of the Philippines FB page, I thought I'd still share it to reach and benefit a few more audience who are looking to learn more about their passion for bonsai. Part or Chapter 2 of Sir Nolan's HOW TO MAKE A BONSAI TREE talks about sizes with a big.
  6. Many people believe the growing bonsai is cruel without knowing much about the process. Growing Bonsai is far from cruel, the plants are getting more attention and tender care than a normally grown tree. The amount of care, vigilance, and patience you have to show to grow a bonsai is unlike any other form o
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Benni Sobekti. com - Coconut Bonsai: Guide & How to Make Enchanting Coconut Bonsai, Assalamualaikum lor, okay info this time about coconut bonsai again yes lor. Bonsai plants are one of the ornamental plants that are loved by many people. Apart from its unique shape, bonsai plants can also be used for home decoration It may be just a lowly boxwood to some but the little tiny leaves of a boxwood make for a great bonsai miniature tree. I'm working on one now. Cheers. Like Like. Reply. Skin Tickler says: September 27, 2019 at 12:24 pm They say bonsai is an art, then immediately start listing rules and rigid lists of styles, etc. I also dislike many of. There are rigid rules for making real bonsai out of forest trees, but with succulents, I don't feel the need for such restriction. Pot into a shallow, bonsai pot with drainage holes - these may require wiring to hold the plant in place. Watering and pest control are of course still carried out, as you want a healthy plant, not a sick one Rules: If you build your own bonsai, it should be life-size. If you modify the official set, your entry should still be recognisable as it, but you can change the pot and soil beads should you wish. Your entries must be your own work, and new and unseen prior to this competition. You may submit multiple entries

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  1. This step will not only help keep your plant looking like an awesome bonsai tree, it will also help improve air circulation. Better air flow will decrease the chance that your plant will get too humid, moldy, or that the soil will grow fungus. Step 5: Harvest buds. Eventually, your marijuana bonsai tree will enter the flowering phase
  2. Cut the required number of wire strands before you start making the bead tree. Step 2. The aim here is to thread the beads on to the wire and create a leaf pattern. There are a wide range of patterns you can choose, my method is based on batches of 3. Take a bead and a single strand of wire
  3. Home » How to make Muck for Bonsai Plantings Posted in Bonsai Skills. How to make Muck for Bonsai Plantings jec59 July 15, 2021 Leave a Comment on How to make Muck for Bonsai Plantings 0 Likes 13 Views. How to make Muck for Bonsai Plantings. Share: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Reddit VK Digg Mix. Tagged Muck
  4. iature size. You can make bonsai from endless varieties of trees. So if you want to make a bonsai with fruit choose a tree that naturally produces fruits. For the best result select plants that produce small-sized fruits
  5. For a plant to make a good specimen for bonsai gardening, it must be pliable, have an attractive bark, and the foliage and flowers must be balanced in size to the plant. The avocado tree has large.

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  1. iature Christmas tree -- but it can also make an beautifully artistic topiary if you wish. It makes an excellent evergreen bonsai tree, as.
  2. Check out Pine bonsai tree's info in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH). This page includes Pine bonsai tree's DIY recipe, how to get Pine bonsai tree, required materials to make Pine bonsai tree, and more
  3. I've build a digital video course that mixes classroom style instructional videos with over the shoulder style training videos to make bonsai simple to understand, and easy to start. In this digital video course, you'll discover: How to create a bonsai tree from scratch that will help you experience true inner-peace and calm
  4. iature trees. Many species of plants can be used to create bonsai trees, including cannabis. Bonsai growing is relatively simple. It is done by: Training the plant sideways; Consistently topping the plant to keep the height dow
  5. Types of Portulacaria Afra Bonsai. A small-leaved succulent plant native to South Africa, Portulacaria afra is a small, succulent plant that produces compact growth and rounded pads. It grows quickly and is incredibly hardy. There aren't many options when it comes to varieties of Portulacaria afra you can use for bonsai growing.However, there are both green and variegated options for you to.
  6. Find all the bonsai Information and techniques you need! this site has various information about bonsai such as growing bonsai, bonsai soil, wiring bonsai, bonsai root cutting, bonsai styles, making bonsai soil, bonsai watering, bonsai kokedama, etc.. If you feel that any section of this website requires further details, please contact me.I will be glad to edit the article to provide more.
  7. which are easier to handle for beginners for making bonsai. You have mentioned about Acer palmatum (Japanese Maple) as well, which is a beautiful plant. Just wanted to check if it can survive in Mumbai climate if I start a process now from seed stage. Thanks Sangeeta Dec 10, 2013 Rating: how to make soil by: joshwa Excellent

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Bonsai is the ancient Japanese garden art of training miniature trees. Here's a quick and easy way to create miniatures that have some of the character of true bonsai without the painstaking demands. Steps 1 Step One Select a tree. Start with common garden plants such as azalea, boxwood, camellia, cotoneaster, gardenia, hibiscus, holly, juniper. Bonsai is not an art for the inpatient, it's a life long journey in cultivating small, amazing representations of nature. Keeping up your routine care and ensuring the bonsai tree has access to the perfect growing conditions it needs is the best and easiest way to ensure a bonsai tree grows faster A Bonsai tree is made from choosing a source material tree, which is then trained into classic or modern styles by root, foliage, crown and branch pruning, pinching, ramification. Bonsai is shaped into chosen styles and confined in pots to restrict their growth In this movie we teach you how to create your very own Bonsai tree from a nursery plant. For more information see:https://www Video liên quan Top 10 loại gỗ đắt nhất trên thế giới. 5 loại cây tuyệt đối KHÔNG trồng trước cửa nhà - Bỏ ngay để tránh gặp xui. Xem cây bonsai gỗ trắc niềm tự hào. Currently, the only supported version is 1.0.0. Bonsai uses the version field for version control and maintaining backward compatibility. The context field is populated automatically by Bonsai after you upload the configuration file. Currently, this field cannot be used to customize your assessment and must be left empty

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Without Bonsai. With just a few clicks, you can craft structured proposals with clear estimates to close your deals faster. Simply answer a few questions to generate an already vetted contract template. Once you hit send, the contract can be e-signed in minutes. Manage your clients and ongoing projects all in one place This blog is part of our series of blogs on Bonsai. Here we are going to learn about making a fresh new bonsai from a non-bonsai plant. To understand the basics of Bonsai gardening, read ' Art of making bonsai ' & ' The magic of Bonsai trees ' Aim: To prepare Bonsai from the available plant.. Requirements: Plant, Bonsai container (shallow pot) of appropriate size, soil manure, brick. Repotting as part of the bonsai care process is a procedure which may leave the tree weak for a few days in order to make him develop stronger during its growing season. That's why you must constantly observe the miniature tree during this period of time The typical size of my trees range from 100mm to 150mm tall and fit correctly into mame bonsai pots. Larger trees I make tend to use thicker wire, 0.6mm silver coated copper wire being my preference currently and these trees tend to be around 250mm tall

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Ficus Bonsai - The Easiest Bonsai for both Indoor and Outdoor. The Ficus bonsai is the bonsai we recommend for beginners that are new to bonsai and do not have the time for regular waterings. Since the ficus is so resilient to underwatering, it makes it ideal for those that want a low maintenance tree There are 5 chapters in Mini Bonsai: The basics of super-mini bonsai and how to prepare for them. Making super-mini bonsai. Super-mini bonsai maintenance. Displaying and enjoying super-mini bonsai. All kinds of super-mini bonsai. The book takes you right from choosing the right tree or plant to take clippings from, how to do this, and how to. How to create a eucalyptus bonsai from a ligno tuber. Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business Push the Build Bonsai Interface button to create your vplink_interface.json file. Push the Create Bonsai Loadable button to create your sim.zip file for upload. Screenshot of the VP Link tool UI used to generate an upload package for Bonsai. The bulk of the UI is made up of tag selectors for Action and State

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A bonsai tree business makes money by purchasing bonsai seeds, plugs, pots and growing supplies from wholesale nurseries, growing them, and then selling them at a significant profit locally or online. How much can you charge customers? Prices of bonsai trees differ according to their age, beauty, and species. One-year-old trees can be sold for. DIRECTIONS. 1. Cut two 2-inch-square pieces of plastic mesh and lay one over each drainage hole on the inside of the bonsai dish. For each piece of mesh, make two loops in a 4-inch-long piece of wire and slip ends through the mesh and drainage hole. Turn the pot over and bend the wire outward. 2

how to make a bonsai tree out of wire, more wire bonsai tree video tutorials on our youtube channel. Article by wire bonsai tree. 1.2k. Diy Arts And Crafts Handmade Crafts Diy Crafts Hacks Paper Flowers Craft Paper Crafts Origami String Wall Art Diy Wall Art Copper Wire Art Bonsai Wire 1. Remember that seedlings should be planted in the early Spring. 2. Prepare 6 pots, one for each seedling. Fill the pots with a good drainage mix such as sand, pearlite, or well-draining bonsai soil. 3. Use a chopstick or your finger to create a hole large enough for the seedling's root ball. 4 Rather than create a specific thickening farm in your yard, it is better to just use plants that are amenable to bonsai in your landscaping. Then after a few years, you can pull the larger and thicker tree, make a bonsai out of it, and replace it with another one. The alternative is to thicken your tree in an oversize bonsai pot or a. Bonsai is the Japanese art of recreating nature in miniature. These miniature living works of art make for a great combination of style and grace, and are sometimes also known as dwarf trees. The term Bonsai literally translates into potted plant What You'll Need To Grow A Cannabis Bonsai Tree. A Potted baby cannabis plant; Drill with small drill bit; Gardening twine or thin wire with plastic covering; Thin wooden stake; Step 1: Drill holes in the pot. Use your drill to make a series of holes in the top edge of the pot

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Having tooling, even tooling you build yourself, that lets you check if your model is doing what you wanted before you start training will save you inordinate amounts of time. At Bonsai, we've. A nice bonsai pot is highly recommended for the best looks! Trimming roots. Just leave the larger ones to show above the soil level to make it look better. And then, plant your chile bonsai into it's new bonsai-pot. Add some soil on the sides and around the stem and roots the way you want it. Designing the base for the bonsai An easy endeavor with the proper materials, making a bonsai pot adds an extra personalized touch to your homemade bonsai creations. Break the polymer clay apart with your hands and then mold it back together to soften it. Work it with your hands to make it more pliable. Tear a wad from the 1 lb. ball of clay and roll it into a ball measuring. Plainly put, bonsai (pronounced bon-sigh) is the horticultural artform of training plants to look like large, aged trees that appear in nature, but in miniature. Bonsai can be developed from seeds or cuttings, from young trees or from naturally occurring stunted trees taken from forests or elsewhere and transplanted into containers

Bonsai's product suite for freelancers allows users to make contracts from scratch, or using professional templates, and sign them using an online signature maker. With Bonsai, you can streamline and automate all of the boring back-office tasks that come with being a freelancer Origami Furniture-How to Make a paper Bed origami instruction step by step-paper Craft. Christmas tree. Christmas drawing. Christmas tree coloring. Draw Christmas tree. شجرة عيد الميلاد. Paper Ring and paper Box for gift. Origami tutorial In this simple game the Bonsai Tree can be made with 2 combinations given below. Also the Bonsai Tree participates in 0 combinations for receiving other elements. See also all other Little Alchemy Cheats on site main page, there you can find simple elements search box Feb 19, 2021 - wire bonsai tree how to make. Feb 19, 2021 - wire bonsai tree how to make. Feb 19, 2021 - wire bonsai tree how to make. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Bonsai is intended to create feelings of peace and tranquillity, while also symbolising patience, perseverance and determination. The artistic goal of bonsai is to develop a realistic representation of a mature, often ancient, tree in miniature. This might include a gnarled trunk, textured bark, spreading branches - even dead wood in the trunk

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